Our Managing Director

Mr. Ashok Chauhan
B.E., IIT Roorkee
Hon. Managing Director
Greenway Modern School, Roorkee

“With Our Deeds we will create history,
The world will rejoice in our victory.”

“Education is not the felling of a pail bot the lighting of a fire.” Every child born on the earth carries the promise of becoming wiser than a sage, more compassionate that a saint and more powerful than a leaer. It is we, adults who are the moulders of this precious creation of god, that shapers of his destiny and the builders of his character. In the development of the child lies the progress of humanity.

Influenced greatly by “Mother Teresa” and it is on her philosophy that endeavor will be to sprout a new a wakening in the hear to four youth who are in the deep slumber of darkness and loss of their past values. Keeping this in mind young and dynamic engineer Mr. Ashok Chauhan gave up his job of Bokaro steel plant and decoded to serve the follow beings and to embark upon the poverty of millions down trodden, it was then he decided to foray into schooling and soon came the Greenway Modern School Roorkee.

Greenway Modern School is 25 years old. We feel ‘wise’ on one hand, when we look at the established identity we enjoy as an institution where learning is purposeful, progressive and empowering. Academic Excellence has always been the hall mark of Greenway Modern School and we are committed in providing a comprehensive education which seeks to develop the students into academically proficient, morally upright and socially well integrated individuals.